Benefits of Indigo Powder for Hairs - How to Use

Benefits of Indigo Powder for Hairs - How to Use

Indigo Powder is a natural hair color that gives a healthy shine to hairs and prevents the scalp from getting damaged. Natural Indigo powder is free from Ammonia and Para beans and is used to treat hair fall, premature greying, and hair coloring.

What is Indigo powder?

Indigo is a herb that is found mostly in Asia and Africa. It has been used in hair care since ancient times and it belongs to the bean family. Indigo powder is made from the leaves of the Indigo plant which is used as a natural hair dye. It gives different shades to hairs when mixed with Henna Powder. Natural Indigo powder not only colors the hairs but also helps to condition them. So you can easily replace the artificial dyes of the market through Indigo powder.

7 Benefits of Indigo Powder

1. Delays Premature Greying: Indigo Powder is used for hair benefits like coloring the hair strands and conditioning them. It enhances the condition of your scalp and hair. It not only darkens grey hair but also prevents premature greying. The indigo powder may be used with other organic compounds such as Henna powder to get. Unlike synthetic colors, it keeps hair color for a long time.

2. Enhances Hair Growth: Indigo powder encourages hair growth by nourishing the scalp and hair roots with the necessary nutrients. Even if your hairs are dry and lifeless, you can apply the paste of Indigo Powder to your hair gradually; your hairs become natural and shiny. Additionally, it stops thinning of hairs, which promotes even more hair growth.

3. Anti-Dandruff: Indigo Powder avoids the development of dandruff by preventing the scalp from getting oily, dry, or crusty. Regular use of indigo powder reduces the chance of developing various fungal infections and can help in the prevention of excessive dryness and itching on the scalp.

4. Improves Dry and Damaged Hair- Indigo Powder cures frozen and damaged hairs and makes them beautiful, silky, and shiny. It acts as a moisturizer for dry and frizzy hair. It restores the natural texture and vitality of your hair, giving it a soft and silky feel. It improves the dry and rough hairs and untangles them.

5. Anti-Hair Loss Remedy: By enhancing blood circulation in the scalp area, it supplies essential nutrition to your hair roots. Indigo Powder improves the health and growth of your hair strands by enhancing their strength. With indigo powder, you may shield your hair from harmful elements.

6. Hydrates Scalp: The Indigo powder is organic and is used for shiny and colorful hairs. This powder can nourish your scalp by hydrating the hair roots. It also facilitates the growth of new hairs from the root.

7. Provides shine and color to the hair- If you have dyed your hair using indigo powder, the color will remain vibrant for a very long period. The natural ingredients present in this hair powder save the shine and color of your hair. The Indigo powder serves as a natural moisturizer and aids in the long-term retention of the colors. It is highly recommended to use this natural hair color which not only dyes your hair but also nourishes it with natural ingredients.

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How to choose Best Indigo Powder for your hairs-

Though there are many low and fake varieties of Indigo powder running in the market, it is important to know which brand’s product is safe and beneficial for you. Make sure to only purchase Natural Indigo Powder from reliable sellers. There are some clues that I recommend you check before buying any Indigo powder from the market-

  • The product should be 100% Pure and Natural.
  • The product must be free from chemicals or preservatives.
  • The brands should be ISO certified.
  • The brands should be GMP certified.
  • Check the ratings and reviews of the customers who purchased and used the product earlier than you.
  • Examine some other products of the same brand just to get an idea about the brand.

I recommend you use Olava Naturals Indigo Powder as it fulfills all the given criteria. This is 100% natural and free from Ammonia and Para beans. Once you will start using the products of Olava Naturals you will get to know that these products are excellent and supernatural. But it is totally up to you, you are free to choose the best product for you.

Ways to Apply Indigo Powder on Hair-

We all know the Indigo Powder is super beneficial for us but it is extremely important for you to know the proper application of it. So we are going to discuss the various steps that how one can perfectly apply this Indigo powder-

To Get Black Coloured Hairs-

Using hairbrushes or gloves, apply henna paste to your hair, and let it sit for an hour. After that, wash the hairs and let them air dry for a while. Now combine some boiling water with some indigo powder, stir well, and let it cool slightly. Apply a paste made of indigo to your hair and let sit for 45 to 60 minutes. To acquire a black gloss, wash your hair now.

To Get Dark Brown Coloured Hairs –

Take one cup of henna powder, one cup of indigo powder, and some boiling water. Then thoroughly combine them. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture. Allow it to cool slightly until it becomes lukewarm. Apply the paste to your hair, then let it sit for 45–1 hour. To achieve a rich brown gloss, wash your hair right away.

To Get Shiny Hairs -

Soak some Indigo powder in water and mix it well. Now apply the paste to the length of your hair using gloves or a hair brush. Once you have done with this, leave your hair for 45-50 minutes to dry. Now wash the hairs and get shiny hairs.

It's important to note that indigo powder primarily works best on lighter hair colors, such as light brown or blonde, to achieve a blue-black shade. If you have darker hair, the results might not be as pronounced or visible.

Additionally, the final color might take a day or two to fully develop, so be patient and avoid washing your hair immediately after dyeing it.

Always perform a patch test before using indigo powder to check for any adverse reactions or allergies. If you're unsure about the process or the results you'll achieve, it might be a good idea to consult a professional hairstylist who has experience with natural dyes.

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